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Bentontie Clay can refine all kinds of oils: such as Soaybean oil, corn oil,palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil,peanut oil,cotton seed oil, olive oil,rice bran oil,castor oil,linseed oil, tung oil, rapeseed oil ,white oil,paraffin wax, used lube oil, used motor oil, used engine oil, diesel oil etc.

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Bentonite Clay is also called activated bleaching earth, activated fuller earth. They mainly take bentonite as raw material, after acidification,watered and dried, it become white powder which is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic. And with strong adsorption, fuller's earth can absorb heavy metal and impurity. Then the black or crude oil become clear.


keyway Industrial Limited's Bentonite Clay characters:

Strong decoloring ability, fast filtration, high activity degree, and low oil retention.

Fuller's Earth appearance is white or offwhite powder:



1. What is your terms of delivery?


2..Where is the Port of shipment ?

Tianjin China

3. What is MOQ?

As usual, our MOQ is 1*20 container.
If you need less quantity, Please contact our Sales Dept. to arrange specially.

4. Urgent On-Line contact?

Email: admin@zhtworld.com; Mobile +86 18653259969

5. Can I get free sample?
Yes, we will provide you with free sample, however, the new customers shall be borne by your side. If you place an order with us, the charges will be deducted from the freight. For the regular customers, the sample will be sent for free.

If you need more details, pls click " Contact Us" on our web Or Right side by online contacting.

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