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Activited bleaching earth is powder clay,made from bentonite material, also called activited clay,activited fuller earth is a fine,light color powder with a highly porous inner structure and a numbers of acid sites on its surface. It mainly used for refining of vegetable oils and minerals oils,...

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Activited bleaching earth is powder clay,made from bentonite material, also called activited clay,activited fuller earth is a fine,light color powder with a highly porous inner structure and a numbers of acid sites on its surface.It mainly used for refining of vegetable oils and minerals oils, and hardened fats,and ects, and well suitable for remove of polar compounds like chlorophyll, carotinoids, phospholipids, peroxides ,impurities etc by chemisorption/physical adsorption and acid catalysis.





Decoloring ability



Activity degree



Free acid (H2SO4)






Particle size (200 mesh)



Filtration rate



Bulk density (g/ml)



oil retention




Bleaching Activity
A hard to bleach oil, with known ffa and color is treated with various dosages of Refoil Earth under standard vacuum, temperature, contact time and stirring. The colors are measured in Lovibond Tintometer and the results are compared with standard earth results.

Acidic property
Measurement of residual free acid content as well as pH value of water solution filtered out of the Bleaching Earth are routine test with titration method as well as pH meter and stringent standards are maintained for the same.

Water content
Moisture content is measured in a standard laboratory drying chamber as well as by Karl-Fisher- titrations.

Particle – size distribution
It is checked on standard sieves by careful air stream sieving as well as on particle size analyser.

Filtration property
We have a standard, exhaustive, test method for determining the filteration properties of our bleaching earth. We filter oil under standard conditions of temperature and pressure difference over an oil-wet-filter-cake. Stringent standards are followed and maintained to ensure fast filtration rate of Refoil Earth.

Oil Retention

This is a supplementary test carried out in conjunction with filtration test. It depends on activation and particle size of Bleaching Earth and is maintained at the minimum levels

  • Used for decoloring, refining and purifying industrial oil, such as lubricating oil, diesel oil, paraffin wax, gasoline, grease, kerosene, white oil,v aseline, etc.

  • Used for recycling and regeneration of industrial waste oil,such as machine oil, lubricating oil,used engine oil, etc.

  •  Decoloration and refinement of edible animal and vegetable oil like Cottonseed oil , Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Mustard oil , Peanut oil , Coconut oil , Corn oil , Olive oil, Ricebran oil , Palm oil, Palm-kernel oil, Linseed oil , Castor oil , Jajoba & Canola oils.

  • Decoloration and refinement of Paraffin wax, Soap.

  • Separation of olefin in arene and alkene, petroleum schizolysis, polymerization and catalysis of olefin.

  • Packed in 25kgs pp bag with pe liner

  • 920bags / 23mt into 1 x 20ft.container

  • Packed in 25.00kgs pp bag with pe liner

  • 800bags (20mt) into 1 x 20ft.container

  • Packed in 1000kgs jumbo pp bag with pe liner (2bags on a pallet)

  • 20bags (20mt) into 1 x 20ft.container

Sample: About the sample,we are glad to send you for testing,sample is free for you,but you need to pay for the courier cost.please be rest assured,this payment will be refund you when we cooperate. If ok ,please kindly tell me your address and TEL.

MOQ: Our minimum order is 1*20 container, about 23tons.

Delivery time: Generally, it will take 7 to 15 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

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