Fuller Earth for Kerosene Oil

1.Product Instruction of fuller earth for kerosene oil KEYWAY activated clay has widely usage in the oil refinery fields,it can be used for Edible oil purifying,like soyabean oil,coconut oil,palm oil,cotton seed oil,corn oil,sunflower oil,etc.and also can be used for Waste oil decolorizing,like...

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1.Product Instruction of fuller earth for kerosene oil

KEYWAY activated clay has widely usage in the oil refinery fields, it can be used for Edible oil purifying, like soyabean oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cotton seed oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc. and also can be used for Waste oil decolorizing, like lube oil, diesel, paraffin wax, engine oil, etc. and it can also bleach the olefin, aromatic hydrocarbon gums from the industrial oil.

KEYWAY activated clay characters:

a) Highly absorption ability, bleaching ability and filtration rate, with lower oil retention and additive volume.

b) Efficiently removing the phosphatide, soap and tiny metal ions in oil or fats, to be the natural anti-oxidant agent.

c) Removing the Aflatoxin, pesticide residues etc toxin and tainting substance away from oil.

d) After purification, the acidic value not rebounding, color not reversing. Clean and pure with stable quality and expend working life.

e) Mostly suitable for mineral oil, vegetable oils, animal’s fats etc.

2.Specification of fuller earth for kerosene oil

Decoloring ability

Min 95%

Free acid(NaOH)

Max 0.25%


Max 9%



Specific surface area



0.59 g/ml

Heavy metal (pb)

Max 0.005%

Arsenic content

Max 0.0005%

Particle size (200 mesh)

Min 95%

3.Product Feature And Application of fuller earth for kerosene oil


Method of sample test:

1)take 100ml oil,weighing about 15g KEYWAY Activated Fuller Earth,adding slowly by spoon and stiring,fully precipitation,until reaching for treatment of oil requirements,finally draw KEYWAY Activated Fuller Earth dosage.

2)put into production,right amount of white earth into large container,and then press the front of the proportion to the oil that include uniform mixing(when necessary add heating kettle,heat diluted in about 30 minutes or so)

3)wait for after cooling precipitation,filter press with pressure filter.

4.Production Details of fuller earth for kerosene oil


5.Product Qualification of fuller earth for kerosene oil


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of bleaching earth for kerosene oil


25kgs/1000kgs PP woven bag with PE inner liner or as your request


23 tons(920bags into 20ft container)

Payment Term

Pay 50% by T/T in advance, and the rest against the copy of B/L;
Or by Irrevocable L/C

Delivery Time

In 10 days after received your prepayment or Irrevocable L/C

Supply Ability

10000 tons/month


1. Do you offer free Samples before bulk ordering?

We can provide sample before bulk ordering. Sampling will take 7-10 days. There is no charge for the samples in small amount. The quantity of sample request depend on categories of product. Generally, we offer 3-5/pcs samples for testing with each SKU. However, the shipping fee with TNT have to be paid by your side.

2. Can I get free sample?

Yes, we will provide you with free sample, however, the new customers shall be borne by your side. If you place an order with us, the charges will be deducted from the freight. For the regular customers, the sample will be sent for free

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