Fullers Earth Powder

Fullers Earth Powder

bleaching earth of High decoloring ability,fast filtration,low oil retention

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Fullers earth powder is also called activated clay, activated bleaching earth or activated fuller earth. Its material is bentonite and after acid it become a highly adsorbent agent, decoloring agent, bleaching agent in the process of refining and purifying and decoloring all kinds of edible oils and used oils. 

Its appearance is white powder, which has strong bleaching power.


Fullers Earth Powder can refine all kinds of oils

- Edible oils: Soaybean oil, corn oil,palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil,peanut oil,cotton seed oil, olive oil,rice bran oil,castor oil,linseed oil, tung oil, rapeseed oil etc.

- Industrial oils: White oil,paraffin wax, used lube oil, used motor oil, used engine oil, diesel oil etc.


Fullers earth powder specifications by Keyway Industrial Limited:

Decoloring Ability 

Min 98%

Activity degree (H+m,mol/kg)


Free acid (as H2SO4)


Particle size(200 mesh)

Min 95%


8%-10 %

Filtration rate (ml/minute)


Bulk density(g/ml)


Oil retention

Max 4.00

Our fullers earrth powder delivery by containers, which is packed in in 25 kg pp bags, or kraft bags or ton bags.

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