Activated Bleaching Earth Works for Oil Refining

- Apr 02, 2018 -


Activated clay was made by bentonite as raw material which main component is montmorillonite, we produce activated bleaching earth by the production processes of activation treatment using inorganic acid, rinsing, drying and mills. It is light gray or light pink powder without any mechanical admixture. The quality of our product exceeds the national standard due to our high performance, strong decolorization ability and fast filtration speed.  It is widely used in many fields such as oil & fat, daily chemicals(soap) ,petrochemical (lube oil, paraffin, naphthenic acid) and medicine industries, etc.


Characters of Fullers Earth Powder

high bleaching ability

Low oil residual

Fast filtration rate

Ability minimise the increase of free fatty acids

Removing impurities like soap, trace metals


Application Fields of Activated Clay

1.Decolorization of plant oils:  

Fullers earth could be work for soyabean oil,corn oil,palm oil,coconut oil, sunflower oil,peanut oil, cotton seed oil,olive oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, linseed oil, tung oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

2.Decolorization of mineral oils:

Used lubricants oil,motor oil,engine oil,automative oil, paraffin wax,

olefin,diesel, etc

3.Juice and wines' clarifying.

4.Medicine and environmental industries: Antidote and adsorbing materials, waste water treatment.                           5.Enhance stability of the Refined Oil.

How to do lab test with Free Sample?

Remove water

Heat the oil to be 70- 80 celsius then stop.Place it still for 24hours.

Remove the surface water.Reheat it slowly to be 120celsius.

Keep this temperature till the oil do not boil and appear black gas from the oil.

Wash the oil with sulfuric acid(concentration:92%-98%)

Stir the normal temperature oil,meanwhile,adding the (5-7%)sulfuric acid slowly.After that,keep stiring for 30minutes.Place it still ,till the dreg subside completely.Then filter it.

Wash the oil with Na2CO3

Reheat the oil to be 80 celsius.Stir,meanwhile adding Na2CO3 into it.

When the ph is 7,place it still till all dreg subside,then filter it.

Adding activated clays

Heat the oil to be 105-110celsius.Keep that temperature.Stir meanwhile adding 10-15% activated clay.

After that,keep stiring 30 minutes.Then place it still until all impurity subside,Then filter it.


Important Points During Bleaching Earth Working

1)Normally about 0.5%- 3% of earth is required forbleaching

application of vacuum during process which results in less oxidation & improvement in oil colour.

2) Choice of Bleaching clay as per its characteristics.

3) Total acidity (titrable acidity) of clay is expressed as mg of KOH/g of clay on

a hot water extract.

4)Moisture content of Earth is vital as activity of clay depends on the evaporation of moisture from earth after its admixture with oil (10 % max free moisture is desirable)

5)The Particle size of Earth affects filtration & oils retention as per type of earth used & determines losses during bleaching process.

6) Operations & maintenance of filters is very important during process.

7)Treatment with Acid Activated Bleaching Earth in post-bleaching step removes traces of Nickel from hydrogenated oils (0.25-0.5% of earth used).

Oil Loss Economics During Activated Bleaching Clay Working

Spent Earth carries around 30% of oil on dry basis by hot water washing of filter press, the oil content can be brought down to 22% on the average.

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