Application of bentonite in all walks of life

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Bentonite began to be mined in Wyoming, 1888. Activated clay was first developed in Texas in 1906 and bentonite was widely used in iron ore pellets in the 1950s.

At present, the global expansion of bentonite is about 14 million tons, of which more than 4.2 million tons in the United States, China has more than 3.4 million tons. The main application markets are foundry, pet gaskets, drilling mud and iron pellets. Other areas of consumption are waterproof and sealing materials, petrochemicals, fillers and others.

Bentonite for steel pellets: Pellet production capacity of more than 100 million tons, pellet bentonite added 1.5-4.5%, 1% reduction in bentonite, grade increased by 0.6%, reduce the coke than 1.2%, 1.8% increase in production. Reduce the amount of adhesive to improve the grade as the main direction of development.

Bentonite in the application of casting: China's total output of about 30 million t casting, accounting for 31% of the global total, sand casting about 80% of castings, wet clay sand in the effective bentonite to be maintained at 3-6%. Increasing the thermal stability and reusability of cast bentonite is the main goal of improving product quality.

Bentonite in the application of drilling fluid: "World Oil" in 2001 the oil field mud is divided into nine systems, six kinds of water-based, the other for the oil-based and synthetic base, the last one is the air, fog, foam and gas for the cycle medium. Drilling fluid in the country for the vast majority of water-based mud system, while the proportion of foreign oil-based mud to 80%, bentonite drilling mud for the main treatment agent, million meters drilling foot bentonite average amount of about 50 tons.

Bentonite for trenchless engineering: shield, HDD, pipe jacking and through the modern trenchless construction of new technologies, need bentonite lubrication, support, suspension, in the subway, tunnels, mines and other underground construction applications more and more The more extensive. Bentonite requires high gel strength, low filtration loss, low sand content, and supporting the appropriate polymer.

Bentonite pet litter products - cat litter: for matting with bentonite requires adsorption of liquid and odor ability, at least, the size of the particles evenly, after the tide does not disintegrate. At present the most important market is North America, the annual demand has reached 1.3 million tons.

Bentonite in the application of waterproof materials: 70 years into a waterproof board, 90 made waterproof blanket, the outer layer of high-density polyethylene and geotextile, a large number of applications in the waterproofing works. The United States, Canada and other countries nearly 20 years by the construction of the subway, highways, airports, reservoirs, dams, construction projects are mainly used bentonite waterproof. NaueFasertechnik and CETCO are the major manufacturers.

Bentonite waterproof blanket application: in the domestic and foreign subway engineering and building basement waterproof construction, bentonite waterproof material has been widely used, the total use of more than 80 million square meters. China in the engineering waterproofing, landfill, water conservancy projects, highways and other areas in the field of bentonite waterproof blanket in the 5000-7000 million square meters. In recent years, China's bentonite waterproof blanket production capacity has developed rapidly, product quality and construction technical specifications need to improve

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