Application of montmorillonite in aquaculture

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The role of montmorillonite in aquaculture is similar to that described above because the various mineral elements contained in montmorillonite are indispensable to the various metabolic processes and skeletons in animals. Wang Jibo and other experiments found that in aquaculture feed Mixed with montmorillonite can play a regulation, supplement the role of trace elements in aquaculture, which can effectively promote the metabolism of fish and shrimp body, disease prevention and disease resistance, improve the survival rate.

In shrimp culture, the use of montmorillonite and then add chemical oxygenation agent, catalyst and other additives can be made into aquaculture oxygen disinfectant, can significantly improve the system of dissolved oxygen, improve water color, to prevent shrimp floating head. Liu Xexun and other experimental results show that montmorillonite has excellent adsorption properties, so that the concentration of sulfur, water and heavy metals in the water body can be rapidly reduced, which can effectively prevent the corruption of the organic matter in the bottom of shrimp, so that the growth environment of shrimp has been Good condition, improved shrimp production.

China is rich in montmorillonite resources, especially in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and Liaoning Chaoyang, Montenegro area of montmorillonite, its physical and chemical properties are excellent, can be used as China's feed montmorillonite production base. We believe that montmorillonite in the future application of the feed will be more and more widely, the proportion of feed additives will be greatly increased.

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