Bentonite industry has developed rapidly

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Bentonite is a comprehensive nonmetallic mineral used in oilfield drilling, coating chemicals, fertilizer binders, pregelatinized starch fillers and putty powder lubricants. It is a variety of physical properties such as binder, drilling and slurry, With the use of multi-purpose bentonite. It has high adhesion, high expansion rate, drilling and pulp can adjust the viscosity, superior performance, unique characteristics of water absorption to deal with sewage and improve water quality is particularly easy to handle after the process is very convenient. Bentonite for metallurgical, foundry, steel, drilling, exploration, oil, minerals, chemicals, building materials, food, feed industry, the use of materials additives.

The sodium bentonite is used in indicators that require higher industry use, which belongs to artificial sodium bentonite. Through the modified treatment using alkaline sodium process, can improve the viscosity, thickening, hiding power, expansion rate and so on. And has environmental protection and other functions.

Technical characteristics of bentonite products

1. Bentonite is a multi-industry products, widely used, we can be customized according to customer requirements, but also according to the use of different requirements of manufacturers, in accordance with the requirements of bentonite production and processing, design. Our bentonite production equipment is technologically advanced, durable, less wearing parts, large production capacity, daily production of 100 tons of bentonite, customers can rest assured to buy our bentonite products.

2. Drilling bentonite, without adding chemical additives, ready to pulp, with salt resistance, stable performance, high pulp rate, from the pulp speed.

3. Thixotropic water-retaining lubricant, putty use process lubrication is highly reliable, easy and simple.

4. Bentonite adsorption is good, reduce the work environment of dust pollution, improve the level of environmental protection.

5. Lithium-based bentonite is a comprehensive processing of lithium salt technology products, in line with the national standard material production design, with a strong adhesion, thickening, for organic solvents, alcohol coatings, casting Lost Foam Coatings and other industries.

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