Cat Litter is Cat Litter – What’s the Big Deal?

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Pellet type litter


Main ingredients: bentonite.


Appearance: irregularly shaped particles.


Method of use: litter moisture absorbability of fast dry feces in the water, into a big lump. When used in cleaning up litter, litter shovel with holes in these large and small lump can be thrown away. With the litter consumption, the owner can at any time to add a new litter in a litter box.


Advantages: for cats, the cat litter lighter, Juegan better, love for nature and buried the cat. Easier to clean up litter, some brands are better in odor absorption, if the number of home cat is not much, basically can do every day to clean up litter, tasteless.


On contact with cat urine, it forms an easily-removed clumps, leaving the rest of the material intact and optimizing consumption by making for prolonged use and savings.

The domestic cat immediately learns to use the litter box, so reducing the possible transmission of illnesses felines are susceptible to.

Using a finer-grained type of litter during the early months can make it easier for the cat to use it and so become litter-trained.

Our clumping litters are designed for the animal’s hygiene and that of the environment it lives in. They are also available scented with different essences.


Now on the market sales of cat litter variety, choose a kind of cat like the more environmentally friendly cat litter, for the cat's physical and mental health are very important. Do not ignore this little sand, it is accompanied by the cat every day, sometimes decided the cat's emotions.

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