Clumping Cat Litter

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Clumping cat litter is popular because of its convenience and effectiveness.  Here's what you should know about clumping cat litter.

How Clumping Litter Works

Clumping cat litter is made with sodium bentonite, a natural clay that expands by fifteen times its size when it comes in contact with moisture. Sodium bentonite is also used in grout and other industrial sealants, and if you flush it down the toilet, it will clog your pipes.

Sodium bentonite's absorbent properties make it a convenient choice for filling cat boxes. Clumping cat litter lasts longer, and offers a high level of odor control because waste can be removed almost immediately, keeping the box cleaner than traditional non-clumping litters.

Manufacturers, as well as many owners, consider clumping cat litter to be perfectly safe. No scientific studies have been done about the dangerous of sodium bentonite in cat litter. 

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