Feed Processing and Preservation Agent-montmorillonite

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Model NO.: M-HH-A1

Type: Feed Processing and Preservation Agent

Main Nutrients: Functional Feed

Main Ingredient: Protein

Shape: Powder Feed

Origin: China

Feed using montmorillonite is a new generation material of green feed additive raw,which can instead of zinc oxide and antibiotics. It can prevent the weaned piglets   from purging effectively.and also can reduce heavy metal, aflatoxin,and pesticide pest remained in the body of piglet. Restraining the production of Escherichia coli in nutrient absorption. It's no residue, no resistance, no toxic side effect,so it is the best material for absorption agent for all kinds of animal feed.


1.Strong adsorption mycotoxins and aflatoxin from animal feed, do not absorb nutrients;

2.Remove immunosuppression, improve immune system of animals;

3.Protect the intestinal mucosa, repair and improve the defence function of intestinal mucosa attacks factor, make sure normal digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

4.100% natural, no pollution, no residual in animal body, no bad stimulation, no withdrawal time, without any side effects.

Usage and Dosage : This product can be added to the feed as preventive before you find mycotoxins existing. The recommended quantity added to the animal feed as followings depends on the severity degree of toxin.

1. Preventive/low content mycotoxins: 1-2kg per metric ton of feed.

2. Increase content of mycotoxins: 3kg per metric ton of feed.

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