How to filter active clay

- Oct 10, 2018 -

How to filter active clay

Filtering Activated Clay Method] Generally, a clay filter or a bag filter is used.

Working principle] The filter pump pumps the filtrate into the tank through the inlet pipe and fills it. Under the action of pressure, the solid impurities in the filtrate are trapped by the filter on the filtrate, and a filter cake is formed on the filter screen. The filter passes through the filter and enters the outlet pipe and flows out of the tank to obtain a clear filtrate. As the filtration time increases, more and more solid impurities are trapped on the filter screen, so that the thickness of the filter cake is continuously increased, so that the filtration resistance is increased, the pressure inside the tank is increased, and the slag is required when the pressure rises to a certain value. Stop the input of the filtrate into the pot and blow the compressed air into the tank through the overflow pipe, press the liquid in the tank to be filtered into other containers, and blow dry the filter cake. Close the compressed air, open the butterfly valve, start the vibrator, vibrate the filter leaf, shake the filter cake on the filter screen and discharge it through the slag discharge port below the tank.


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