Is It Safe To Use A Clumping Cat Litter?

- May 21, 2018 -

There have been concerns that clumping clay litter can pose health risks to cats, especially kittens.

Some cat owners feel that kittens, in particular, can taste cat litter and that sodium bentonite could pose health problems like severe gastro intestinal blockage.

Older cats, meanwhile, are said to be affected by sodium bentonite dust which could settle on their fur.

When the cat licks off this dust, cat owners fear that this could result in health problems later on.

However, it should be noted that there are no scientific studies that have shown that sodium bentonite is harmful to cats.

Moreover, there’s no evidence about those dangerous effects of clumping litter. Evidence of said cat health problems caused by clumping litter remains anecdotal.

Dr. James Richards of the Cornell Feline Health Center in New York is among those who have confirmed that there is no truth to the rumors that clumping cat litter is dangerous to cats.

Experts like him say that health concerns brought about by the use of clumping cat litter are unfounded.

As for cats ingesting litter, it should be noted that it would take a lot of ingested litter to cause health problems to cats.

In fact, ingested litter is more of concern for dogs that raid cat litter box than it is for our feline friends.

If you’re still worried about your kitten, you can settle for clumping litters that are made from cord, wood, and nut hulls. These natural ingredients are considered safer for kittens.

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