Keyway Industrial product instruction and specification

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Keyway Industrial Product Instruction of bleaching earth for soybean oil

The Activated Bleaching Earth is mainly used to refine edible animal and vegetable oil. This product with strong decoloring ability and good adsorption can emerge and separate some dirt ,such as pigment,colloid,impurity,dram heavy metal in lipid which can cause oxidant and activator toxic.

The Activated Bleaching Earth is applicable to decolor and refine the soy oil.


KEYWAY bleaching earth for soybean oil decolorizer characters:

1)Strong decoloring-ability

2)Good adsorption 

3)Higher in activity degree


Keyway Industrial Specification of bleaching earth for soybean oil

Decoloring ability

Min 95%

Free acid(NaOH)

Max 0.25%




Max 9%

Specific surface area



0.59 g/ml

Arsenic content

Max 0.0005%

Heavy metal (pb)

Max 0.005%

Particle size (200 mesh)

Min 95%

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