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- Nov 01, 2017 -

Cat litter, found by the Americans Edward Lowe in 1947 invented,is the owner of the cat for feeding their feces and urine objects,sometimes for the belly Pig feeding. The object has a good water absorption, usually with the cat litter (or cat toilet) to use, the amount of cat litter will be poured into the cat litter basin, the training of the cat when you need to be excreted into the cat Sand basin excreted on it; the use of cat litter is the instinct of the cat, most cats can easily learn to use cat litter.

Cat litter on the market mostly granular, commonly used, including sand, paper sand, crystal sand, bean curd sand, wood sand, wheat sand and so on.

Cat litter can be divided into two categories, knot and no knot. Cat litter the main component of bentonite, absorbed into the urine or feces will form a group, with cat litter can be easily cleaned. The cat litter does not meet the urine will not knot, after the cat stool can be shovel out, after the need to replace the whole.

Have rumors said some species of cat litter can cause cat silicosis and urinary tract stones.

When using knot cat litter, avoid using the dusty part of the bottom of the package to avoid cat inhalation of excess dust causing silicosis.

The biggest advantage of using cat litter is that sand can also effectively cover the taste of cat excrement.

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