Montmorillonite 5 major effects

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Main effect

1, mucosal barrier function

Montmorillonite and digestive tract mucus protein electrostatic combination, can increase the amount of mucus and improve the quality of mucus to improve mucus cohesion and flexibility.

2, protection, repair function

On the digestive tract mucosa has a strong ability to cover protection, and mucin glycoprotein with each other to increase the cohesion of viscous gel, viscoelasticity and the existence of time to repair and improve the intestinal mucosal barrier against a variety of attack factors, Repair damaged intercellular bridge, so that close connection to protect the normal digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

3, the effective removal of mycotoxins, relieve immunosuppression, enhance animal immune function

Strong absorption of feed in the aflatoxin, zearalenone, vomitoxin, T-2 toxins and other harmful ingredients, the elimination of mycotoxin caused by immunosuppression, improve the immune effect of vaccines and enhance animal immunity.

4, coagulation function

Montmorillonite activation of coagulation factors in the digestive tract surface to the formation of montmorillonite particles as the core of blood sticks, but also can promote blood vessels to slow down the local blood flow, reduce bleeding.

5, balanced feed elements, detoxification function

(Lead, mercury, arsenic) in feed, to control the toxicity of residual crop products, montmorillonite to heavy metals such as lead poisoning, etc., to reduce the content of heavy metals (lead, mercury and arsenic) in feedstuffs, Therapeutic effect.

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