Production process of the active clay

- Feb 27, 2018 -

The advantage of the production process of the active clay semi-wet process is more than that of traditional technology.

In general, a half wet production process than the traditional process of acid consumption reduced by half to two-thirds (1/2 ~ 2/3), water consumption and lower 1/2 ~ 2/3, less waste water, a little processing, no environmental pollution, low cost, in the same situation, product quality decoloring force about 30% than that of the traditional methods.Vapor phase method technology is under a pressure hot vapor to water, acid and earth half dry mixture, mix well particle state under the static by vapor phase, liquid phase and solid phase of fierce between half dry granular acidification acidification reaction, after rinsing processes such as the preparation of activated clay is a new technology.The technology of the existing wet clay of legal system and dry and calcination method production technology of activated clay method sets the integration of the advantages of technology, has a wide practical value, for clay production in China provides a kind of new technology.The technology is compared with the traditional wet preparation process with the following advantages:

(1)The amount of acid and water consumption were reduced by 50%, and the production cycle was shortened by 1/2 ~ 1/3.(2)The pollution is light and easy to govern;It has a small footprint, high utilization rate, little investment, quick effect and close connection with the existing wet process process and equipment.(3)According to the process, the active white soil can be combined with aluminum sulfate, sodium silicalite and gypsum.

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