Technology and Industry Status of Montmorillonite

- Sep 15, 2017 -

In our country, montmorillonite is through the famous French antidiarrheal products "Smecta" and to millions of households, and then by the 2006 first "must" advertising in the CCTV gold standard broadcast, marking the montmorillonite formal Boarded the room. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic montmorillonite research and development, industrial products montmorillonite purity has exceeded 98% mark, montmorillonite has been beyond the scope of non-metallic mineral as a separate species in the Y with, feed, cosmetics, ceramics And other related industries cut a striking figure, montmorillonite out of bentonite and better than bentonite products with its excellent performance and constantly updated technology, technology in various industries in the continuous application, the future development of unlimited

Montmorillonite has a strong adsorption to aflatoxin B1, and the adsorption amount increases with the increase of aflatoxin B1 content, both of which are linearly related. When the lysine content in the adsorption reaction system was 0.2% and 0.4%, the adsorption of montmorillonite on aflatoxin B1 was not affected. The octahedral montmorillonite has a significant adsorption effect on feed aflatoxin B1

Montmorillonite is a significant effect of degumming additives, but also balance the feed elements, can replace antibiotics and zinc oxide treatment of diarrhea, can reduce the stress response of poultry. It is important to determine that non-toxic (arsenic, mercury, lead, fanglin does not exceed the standard) of any montmorillonite on animal culture must be purified and any direct application of bentonite ore.

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