The basic use of bentonite

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Type 1 sand binder: In the mechanical casting industry, bentonite is used as casting sand binder, which can overcome the phenomenon of “sanding” and “skinning” of castings, thus reducing the scrap rate of castings and ensuring the precision of castings. And finish.

2 Pellet smelting: In the metallurgical industry, using the characteristics of good bonding properties of bentonite, as a binder of iron ore pellets, can increase production and reduce costs.

3 Drilling mud: Due to the good water absorption performance of bentonite, good suspension swellability and cohesiveness, the rotary resistance of the drill is small, which can prevent accidents in the well.

4 In agriculture, bentonite can be used to improve soil, plugging water fields, increasing water temperature, and changing soil quality to improve fertilizer efficiency. Can be used as a carrier for pesticides and veterinary drugs. It can be used as a granulation binder for compound fertilizers.

5 In animal husbandry, bentonite can be used as a granule mixture for poultry feed, a suspension for warm sugar feed, and as an adsorption and deodorant for animal gaskets.

6 In the coatings industry, bentonite can be used as a base material to produce architectural coatings and fillers for certain coatings.

7 In the paper industry, bentonite can be used as a filler for paper, and in the waste paper recycling industry, bentonite can be used as a decolorizer.

8 In the soap making industry, bentonite concentrate powder can be used as a filler for soaps and soaps, and can partially replace fats and oils.

9 In the ceramic industry, bentonite can be used as a ceramic ingredient, and it can also be used to make oil and enamel.

10 Bentonite can also be widely used in the production of rubber, tarpaulin and waterproof paper: in the manufacture of pencils, graphite, pigments, printing and dyeing, sizing, paste, paint, cosmetics and toothpaste, and in medicine, electronics, national defense, Food and other industries have different uses.

You may be interested in the topic- Bentonite has been called "universal clay"

Because bentonite has good physical and chemical properties, it can be used as binder, suspending agent, thixotropic agent, stabilizer, purification decolorizer, filler, feed, catalyst, etc. It is widely used in oil exploitation, directional crossing, steel casting, Metallurgical pellets, chemical coatings, compound fertilizers, sizing, rubber, plastics, paper, purified water, moisture absorbers, pesticides and other fields. At present, bentonite has been applied in more than 500 industries and even in people's daily life, so it is called "universal clay".


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