Activated Bleaching Clay

- Oct 31, 2017 -

As one of Chinese largest Activated Bleaching Clay suppliers, KEYWAY INDUSTRIAL LIMITED exported products to over 20 countries in the world including Singapore,Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Our products are highly acknowledged by our clients for its larger surface area, strong adsorption capacity and high decoloration efficiency.

A green-yellow water-swelling clay material was discovered near Rock River,Wyoming in 1898 by a U.S. Geological scholar, Wilbur C. Knight. This material was given the name “bentonite” because it was originally found in the place named "FortBeton". The global bentonite ore zone is mainly distributed in the areas of the circum-Pacific belt, the circum-Indian Ocean belt, and the Mediterranean-BlackSeabelt. Among them, the circum-Pacific belt is the main producing area. Chinese bentonite mineral resources belong to the circum-Pacific ore zone.

According to incomplete statistics, Chinese bentonite mineral resources have been more than eight billion tons, accounting for 60% of global quantity. More than 400 bentonite mines have been found and distributed in 23 provinces and regions of China.

We are a leading enterprise specialized in chemicals. We can offer kinds of chemical material for food industry, feeding industry,water treatment industry, etc. 

Our bleaching earth is widely used for vegetable oil refining such as plam oil, sunflower oil, seed oil, soybean oil,  peanut oil,etc. It can be used for cooking oil and waste oil. And we can also offer industrial grade activated bleaching earth.

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