Advantages Of Bentonite Cat Litter&How To Use Bentonite Cat Litter?

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Advantages of Bentonite Cat Litter&How to use Bentonite Cat Litter?


Clay cat litter is among the first cat litters ever used, along with sand. Just like sand, the clay litter is able to absorb the liquid and will clump, making it easy to scoop and get rid of. Clay litter has a few advantages, but it’s also helpful to know that it has disadvantages also.

Advantages of Clay Litter

The very first cat litter used was sand, which was efficient enough but wasn’t able to absorb the scent. Soon enough, the clay started to be used instead of sand as cat litter.

Clay litter is an efficient solution for your cat’s litter box being also reasonably priced.

Clay has a high level of absorbency in a small amount of time, which means that the litter box dry at all times. The clay also absorbs the smell, which is important, as the cat urine and feces smell is not at all pleasant.

Clay litter clumps easily, so it is scoopable and practical. The clay may expand when in contact with moisture and it hardens.

Clay litter can plug up the toilet, so make sure you dump it with your garbage.


How to use?

Bentonite cat litter is the earth sand we usually say, it is more common in the market, the price is absolutely value, it is a common choice for cats.

The advantage of bentonite sand is that the agglomeration effect is good, the water absorption ability is strong, the cat urine and the cat stool can be quickly condensed, and the deodorizing effect is also good. In addition, the particles of bentonite cat litter are relatively small, and the cat's fragile little feet are more comfortable to step on.

The main disadvantage of bentonite cat litter is the dust problem, so it is common for cat friends to place the cat toilet in the leeward position to avoid the usual dust blowing back. At the same time, the thickness of cat litter should also be noted. The usual practice is to ensure that cat litter is farther from the edge of the litter box when it is sufficient.

Regarding the choice of bentonite sand, I will not introduce too much here. As the daily consumer goods of cats, the amount of cat litter is still not too large, so it is recommended that you try to choose some good quality cat litter.

Finally, we must remind everyone that many people think that the cat toilet can be cleaned once every few days. This is not advisable. We all know that cats are very hygienic animals. I suggest that you try to be as diligent as possible. If you have the conditions, clean up the litter box every day and thoroughly clean the litter box every week.

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