Advantages Of Silica Gel Decoloring Sand

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Advantages of silica gel decoloring sand:

1. Less loss, the taste of the oil is pure, and the color is up to the national standard. The oil washed with mineral decolorizing sand has a much lower slag removal rate than the old method. Refined diesel oil does not change the chemical composition of the oil because it is purely physical decolorization; it has good adsorption properties for various metal ions; the pH value is alkaline, which can effectively prevent oxidative discoloration of oil. The taste of the oil is also relatively pure.
2. Low cost and wide application. Because there is less slag, the cost is also reduced accordingly. Decolorizing sand can not only wash small refineries made from crude oil, but also treat lubricating oil, reduce one line, reduce second-line oil, waste engine oil and other refining diesel oils and oils that cannot be washed out by old methods.
3. It saves labor, saves time and effort, greatly improves the working rate of washing oil, and does not need to heat up and pressurize, and the operation is convenient and quick. Washing oil with decolorizing sand improves efficiency by 2-3 times compared with the old method, which greatly saves time, and solves the problem that the old cold washing method does not separate the oil, and can be processed for many years.
4. Solve the problem of waste disposal. The waste residue washed with mineral decolorization sand does not stick, does not agglomerate, does not solidify, and can be reused. If it is sold, it will also sell more money than the waste that was washed out by the old method, and solve the environmental problem.

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