Application And Progress Of Organic Bentonite In Wastewater Treatment (7)

- Jan 16, 2018 -

The application of organic bentonite in wastewater treatment


Decades of studies have shown that the organic bentonite removal of organic pollutants in water is very effective, such as the use of CTM AB-bentonite adsorption of water treatment of α-, β - naphthylamine, α-naphthol, the removal rate was greater than 95%. However, organic bentonites have so far been limited to the adsorption of organic compounds in aqueous solutions and are rarely used for the adsorption of organic wastewater from actual wastewater treatment. For example, CTM AB-bentonite and C PC-bentonite were used in the treatment of organic wastewater and printing and dyeing wastewater [68] by Zhu Li Zhong et al. And found that organic bentonite has a good effect of removing organic matter. However, due to the small amount of cations in organic bentonite during water treatment Desorption of surfactant, the COD of wastewater was not significantly reduced; In addition, organic bentonite organic wastewater treatment, solid - liquid separation is slow, affecting the application of organic bentonite in wastewater treatment. Therefore, organic bentonite and Al2 (SO4) 3 combined treatment of organic wastewater [51-53, 68], in order to further improve the removal of organic matter in water and effectively remove COD, improve the solid-liquid separation rate for the organic bentonite in the actual wastewater Processing application to create conditions.


In order to improve the utilization rate of organic bentonite and reduce the secondary pollution of organic matter as much as possible, we also discussed the possibility of recovery of organic bentonite, that is bentonite (sediment) which adsorbs organic matter after wastewater treatment is dry-dried and carbonized under N2 protection , The treated recycled soil for wastewater treatment again, still get a good removal effect. However, the best conditions for the recovery of organic bentonite remains to be further discussed.


In summary, organic bentonite adsorption of water treatment of organic matter in good performance, wastewater treatment has a good prospect. However, up to now, organic bentonite has been used to adsorb non-ionic organic pollutants in water. However, the research on the adsorption and treatment of polar and ionic organic compounds in organic bentonite is rare, and its application in practical wastewater treatment and its recycling Has just started. Therefore, the characteristics, mechanism, influence factors and rules of organic bentonites adsorbed by organic bentonite were studied systematically. The types, structures and concentrations of surfactants and the relationship between surfactants and organic bentonites were further discussed. The effects of organic bentonite recovery Method and a new way for adsorption of refractory organic matter in waste water; provide a theoretical basis for further development of new organic bentonite and its application in environmental protection, especially wastewater treatment and environmental pollution remediation; to protect the environment and make full use of the abundant Bentonite resources have great significance and have broad application prospects.

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