Application Of Bentonite Products In Coatings Industry

- Nov 07, 2017 -

Bentonite is a montmorillonite-based hydrous clay mineral, it has a special nature. Such as: swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalytic, thixotropic, suspended and cation exchange, etc., so widely used in various industrial fields. So people call it "universal earth." Here is a brief introduction of bentonite in the paint industry.

1Bentonite as an inorganic thickener, its characteristics are thickening effect and suspension significantly, can make thixotropic paint, easy to store and construction


  2Bentonite can release charged particles in water and play the role of dispersant, can improve the suspension of water-based coatings, adding an appropriate amount of bentonite in architectural coatings can make the resulting paint is not easy to sediment, easy to delaminate, and thus uniform Improve the suspension stability of paint.


3 Bentonite has good adhesion and hiding power, the introduction of architectural coatings can replace part of the base and other fillers, resulting in lower product costs.


 4Bentonite has astonishing adsorption and swelling ability and thixotropic effect in the solvent. It is used as a rheological additive in the production, construction, storage and film forming of coatings, which gives the coating structural viscosity at low shear rate.


 5although bentonite has good water resistance, but its particle state, no cohesion, which need to choose non-aqueous medium and bentonite clay, and the medium to have a certain degree of waterproofing. The following for everyone to introduce a coating with bentonite.

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