Be Aware Of Temperature Changes When Active Clay Is Used

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Only good quality can be developed in this society, and the activated bleaching earth has been working hard for many years to make products and provide products with no worries.Although the active clay is excellent, there are some conditions that need to be paid attention to when used. What is it?It's important to pay attention to temperature changes when you use them.

Activated clay is clay (mainly) of bentonite as raw material, the inorganic acidification treatment, then through water rinse, dry sorbent, appearance is milk white powder, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, strong adsorption, can adsorption non-ferrous material, organic material.In the process of using note, activated clay at above 300 ℃ starts to lose crystal water, make the structure change, have an effect on decolorization effect.This surface is very easy to absorb moisture, and also affects the decolorization effect when the water is too high, and has catalytic performance.Precautions should be kept in the ventilated and dry place to prevent rain and moisture.It can be used in animal and vegetable oil refining, used for decolorization, removing harmful pigment, phospholipid, saponin and cotton acid in oil, making it a high-grade cooking oil.

Active clay is now widely used.In the near future, as researchers continue to study, many industries may use it.

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