Bentonite And Rubber Products Can Be Used Together?

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Bentonite with hygroscopicity, can absorb 8 to 15 times the volume of water in this volume. After water swelling, can expand several times, up to 30 times. Bentonite and rubber and other organic cementitious materials can be composed of the maximum expansion rate of 250% -500% of water-swellable rubber, the water-swellable rubber can be made of water-swelling water stop and other waterproof material. This material is set in the concrete construction joints, the water that is expansion occurs, play the role of water and stop the water.

Some domestic companies already have water-swellable rubber, rubber water stop series of products for tunnels, reservoirs, dams, high-rise and other underground works, the basic engineering deformation joints, construction joints, settlement and other waterproof seal, with In a variety of mechanical, electrical, underwater equipment seams sealed. At present, the most commonly used rubber water-stop rubber is neoprene, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber.

Bentonite can be added directly to the rubber, the rubber has a flame retardant, insulation, wear-resistant properties. Stationery eraser also added bentonite.bentonite in a large amount of rubber shoes, such as paste molding outsole, molded outsole, Wai, sponge in the heel, etc., especially low voltage insulation rubber shoes, fire-retardant rubber shoes, etc. are added bentonite.

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