Bentonite Is The Best Wall Material For Drilling Mud

- Dec 15, 2017 -

High quality grouting bentonite is the best material for geological exploration and drilling engineering.The main material of drilling mud wall material is bentonite, as cement drilling mud material.Bentonite is suitable for the ordinary soil, sand and soil or pure sand layer in the construction of drilling geological exploration or due to the viscosity of bentonite, high mud making rate, breast wall in mind, can be used for drilling mud and geological prospecting and other construction.

The effect of bentonite in the area of engineering mud:

Geological exploration and drilling construction easy to meet, pure sand bed rock drilling in the area, we often use bentonite to solve the relevant problems, such as the need to build the pulp, reduce tool wear, etc., and protecting Keyway is specializing in the production of drilling mud bentonite production factory, has more than 10 years of experience in research and development, our company produces the drilling mud bentonite products applicable to all kinds of drilling, including Marine pulp can satisfy the play was very good performance, effectively solve the collapse hole, the hole, and many other adverse factors.

The bentonite drilling engineering can improve the overall performance of project piling, drilling, exploration, etc.The addition of bentonite can increase or alter the performance of normal drilling fluid, thus improving many effective performance.For engineering mud, on many occasions need to join the bentonite, such as plasma, mine, exploration, piling, directional drilling, waterproof, seepage control engineering of mud making basic requirements, the engineering requirement of general chemical additives is difficult to realize, even if is to achieve the drilling and exploration of the engineering construction cost is too high, it is difficult to maintain good profits, and drilling bentonite is the most appropriate, cost-effective is the highest.

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