Bleaching Earth Use Requirement

- Jul 12, 2018 -

1, according to the content of impurities and thickness, add proper activated clay, general usage 5% -10% for oil heavy.

2, gasoline and diesel generally don’t need to heat, but sticky oil need to be heated, such as Vaseline, engine oil. open fire and steam is available, Generally heating to 105 ℃--110 ℃, reaction kettle in iron in add white earth in advance, can prevent oxidation of oil or composite.

Method of use:

Firstly, take 100 ML oil, weighing about 15g activated clay, adding slowly by spoon and stiring, fully precipitation, until reaching for treatment of oil requirements, finally draw activated clay dosage.

And then put into production, right amount of white earth into large container, and then press the front of the proportion of the oil that include uniform mixing (when necessary add heating kettle, heat diluted in about 30 minutes or so), wait for after cooling precipitation, with pressure filter pressure filtration


The activated clay began to lose gesso when temperature above 300 ℃, make the structure change of decolorization have influence. The surface is very easy absorption of moisture, the water is high also influence decoloring effect, and the catalytic performance. Pay attention to prevent rain, moist, should be stored in ventilated dry place.

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