Bring You A Better Understanding Of Activated Clay

- Dec 11, 2017 -

(1) product introduction


The main white and pink, odorless, non-toxic, better activity, strong adsorption, easy to absorb moisture in the air, such as placing too long or damp will reduce its adsorption function, the use of heating (to 80-100 Degree is appropriate) Resurrection, if heated to 300 degrees above began to lose crystal water, its structure changes, affecting the decolorization effect.


(2) Performance


① select the adsorption capacity, high decolorization rate, with low oil rate, fast filtration, add less;

②the effective removal of grease total phospholipid, soap and trace metal ions, is a natural antioxidant;

③ remove grease in aflatoxin, pesticide residues and other toxins and odor substances;

④after decolorization of oil acid value does not rise, do not back color, clear and transparent, stable quality, long shelf life.

⑤especially suitable for the refining of mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal oil.

(3) the scope of use


Animal and vegetable oil refining, for bleaching purification, off the harmful pigments in the oil, phospholipids, saponin, cotton acid, making it a high-grade edible oil.


Used in the petroleum industry for refining decolorization and purification of petroleum, paraffinic oils, paraffin, kerosene and other minerals as well as petroleum cracking.


In the food industry, for the clarification of wine and candy juice, beer stabilization, saccharification, sugar juice purification.


In the chemical industry, as a catalyst, filler, desiccant, adsorbent, wastewater treatment flocculant.


Defense, medical and health, can be made of anti-chemical agent, antidote, with the social and scientific development, the application of activated clay more widely.


(4) technical requirements


1, Appearance: gray or light color fine powder.


2, water (2hr.105 ° C): ≤ 12%


3, bleaching power: ≥ 154


4, activity: ≥ 180mol / kg


5, the particle size (over 0.076mm): ≥ 95%


6, free acid (calculated as H2SO4): ≤ 0.20%


7, heavy metal content (Pb): ≤ 10mg / kg


8, arsenic content: ≤ 3mg / kg


(5) economic benefits


Analysis of economic benefits Bentonite raw material price of about 250 yuan / ton, ordinary domestic market price of activated clay about 1200-1500 yuan / ton.


According to the scale of 10,000 tons / year of activated clay, equipment and infrastructure investment is about 300-400 million yuan, costs 600-700 yuan / ton, the annual output value of about 14 million yuan, profits and taxes 6 million yuan. If supporting the production of silica, 4A zeolite and other benefits higher. Bentonite is the dominant resource in our country, with the reserves ranking first in the world. However, the high-quality activated clay used in the departments of domestic oil and fat decolourization still needs to be imported from the outside world due to the late start of development and utilization, the backward technology of deep processing, poor product quality, small scale of production, Activated clay production capacity in the United States has reached 4 million tons / year, while China is only 200,000 tons / year.Statistics, China's demand for activated clay in recent years at an annual rate of 7-8% increase. According to the investigation and analysis of the domestic market, only the oil refining market is huge. According to the forecast of industry experts, China's annual output of various vegetable oils is about 8 million tons and that of imported oil is 5 million to 6 million tons, of which refined oil accounts for about 1/2 of the total and about 650 Tons of tons. Therefore, the production of highly efficient activated clay market prospects.

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