Development Status Of Bentonite

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Exploration and research shows that the reserves of bentonite in China ranks first in the world with a complete range and widely distributed in 26 provinces and cities, with both output and export ranking the highest in the world. According to incomplete statistics, at present our annual output of bentonite has exceeded 3.5 million tons, while the total reserves account for 60% of the world total. So far, it has accumulated over 5,087 million tons of proven reserves and reserves of more than 7 billion tons.


The existing more than 100 bentonite mineral deposits are mainly concentrated in Xinjiang, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia and the three northeastern provinces. Among them, the reserves of bentonite in Xinjiang and the Autonomous County of Baksail have exceeded 2.3 billion tons and are the proven reserves The country's largest bentonite mining area. According to the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources in Xinjiang, there are 7 places of bentonite deposits in Inner Mongolia Autonomous County, including 4 large deposits (Wulangejer, Sun, Moon, Delun Shan and South of Delun Mountain). The mineral reserves of bentonite in Wulanyingge Mining Area is 572.8 million tons, of which, 229.48 million tons of grade C-D bentonite deposits and 2.48 million tons of off-balance grade D grade accounts for 13.74% of the total bentonite reserves in China. The mineral reserves of the bentonite mine in Sun-Moon mine are 800 million tons, and the geological reserves in the south of Delun Shan and southwest of Delun Mountain are 210 million tons and 80 million tons respectively.


Experts estimate that the prospect reserves of bentonite in Wulan Inge area are expected to exceed 5 billion tons. Guangxi origin Ningming, Tiandong, Chongzuo, Guiping, Hengxian, etc., the largest reserves Ningming, 640 million tons, followed by Tiandong, reaching 40 million tons, with a total reserves of more than 1.1 billion tons. Inner Mongolia's Ningcheng, Xinghe, Huolin, Guyang and other places have very rich bentonite mine, the largest reserves of Ningfeng Chifeng, reaching 1 billion tons and above. The rest are distributed in Jiangsu, Sichuan (Nanchong) Hebei, Hubei, Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Henan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces (districts). Visible, bentonite mineral resources are highly concentrated, which is conducive to the formation of large enterprise groups, the establishment of large-scale production base, to the professional, large-scale, intensive development.


It is predicted that the amount of bentonite resources in China has exceeded 8 billion tons, laying a solid foundation for the development and research of new products, the development of the market and the improvement of competitiveness. However, the degree of exploitation and utilization of bentonite in our country is very low, and the accumulated exploitation amount is less than 1% of the proven reserves. In the international market is a "lower than high" situation, that is, exports of low-grade products (ore, casting, drilling, low-grade activated clay, etc.), imports of advanced products (detergent softener, high-grade organic soil, etc.).


According to incomplete statistics, China's annual output of bentonite products is about 6 million tons. The characteristics of the industry are small-scale enterprises (one of the few enterprises with an annual output of over 10,000 tons), low technical level, competition in the resource-based industries is not very fierce, production, sales and prices are rising year by year.

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