Distribution Of Drilling Bentonite

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Distribution of drilling bentonite

Drilling bentonite composition is composed of a series of volcanic deposits, volcanic deposits into volcanic deposits, volcanic - sedimentary deposits, sedimentary deposits, intrusive rock deposits. Well, we all know what is the distribution of drilling bentonite? Here to introduce for everyone.

The world's total reserves of drilling bentonite is about 2.5 billion tons, of which the United States, the former Soviet Union and China accounted for three-quarters of world reserves, followed by Italy, Greece, Australia and Germany. Calcium-based bentonite drilling accounts for about 70 ~ 80%, sodium-based bentonite reserves of less than 500 million tons. Therefore, although the world is rich in drilling bentonite resources, but a large amount of high-quality sodium bentonite drilling is very short.

Examples of volcanic type deposits include Liaoning Montenegro, Jilin Jiutai, Zhejiang Qiu Mountain, Henan Xinyang, Shandong Yongquan Zhuang etc; examples of volcanic-sedimentary rock deposits include Pingshan, Anhui Province, Xintan, Anhui Province and Gaomiaozi, Inner Mongolia; examples of sedimentary deposits are Guangxi Ningming, Hongquan in Gansu, Santai in Sichuan, etc. Intruded rock deposits such as Pingqiao in Jiangsu and Jinshazhou in Hunan

Bentonite economic value

The so-called value of bentonite, and today we talk about this area is about the application of bentonite and other aspects of several issues, then the economic value of bentonite mainly in what areas?

What are the main purpose bentonite and deep processing direction? Through the following aspects we can briefly understand:

1.Through deep processing, bentonite can be made into zeolite powder products, plays an important role in improving freshwater and seawater, providing great help for freshwater and seawater aquaculture products and improving the yield and quality; meanwhile, the extracted Zeolite powder can also be used as one of the ingredients used in the soil-modified fertilizer processing, as an indispensable ingredient of the special-purpose binder for compound fertilizer.

2.At the same time, the montmorillonite used in medicine is also extracted and deep-processed from bentonite, mainly as follows: pharmaceutical grade montmorillonite veterinary grade montmorillonite feed grade montmorillonite montmorillonite desiccant rubber release agent Special Suspension and other pharmaceutical products used in the composition of one of its economic value is immeasurable.

3.of course, bentonite for the moment, more use mainly in: directional through bentonite, cast bentonite, bentonite coating, metallurgical pellet bentonite, etc. These aspects are still relatively extensive, the use of the total amount of bentonite Use more than 80 percent.

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