Dust-free Cat Litter

- Aug 28, 2018 -

In the process of raising cats, there is a lot of joy, of course, there are a lot of troubles, in the choice of cat litter, the owners feel headache. On the one hand, cats prefer soil grains and are extremely picky about sawdust and paper litter, and the amount of dust and odour in the litter makes them miserable. On the other hand, the quality of cat litter products is uneven, choose the right cat litter really is not easy! In response to this, we set off a natural storm, with the concept of nature to introduce a more natural dust-free bentonite cat sand, to meet the needs of users, but also for the cat to create a cleaner and environmentally friendly "toilet environment." 

Technology upgrade products upgrade Cat favoriteDust Free Cat Sand 

At present, there are mainly clay cat sand, crystal cat sand, paper litter cat litter, wood sawdust cat litter, tofu cat sand and so on. Each kind of cat sand has its different texture and different characteristics. Generally speaking, the common clay cat sand is treated particles, its price is cheap, many people choose to use for cats, but the cat sand absorption effect is not ideal and it will produce a lot of dust, For cats this kind of animal which have the instinct to bury their excrement, there is also a health hazard. In addition, wood scraps, paper scraps, and other relatively new cat sand products, although in water absorption and agglomeration performance  a little better than ordinary clay cat sand. However, it still has problems such as formaldehyde exceeding standard, bugs, moldy, odour, dust, high cost, cat allergy and so on. Therefore, from technology upgrading to product upgrading, Michael, chairman of our company led a team to carry out product research and development based on many years of geological and mineral research experience. Finally, the technical problem of bentonite cat sand dust was overcome, and a more natural dust-free natural particle cat sand product was developed, so that there was no real dust, no harm to the cat's respiratory system, high water absorption, and strong condensation ability. Dust-free cat litter with super deodorization makes cat lovers have a new choice.

Natural concept, natural dust-free and clean environment


Compared with the traditional cat litter, the dust-free cat litter introduced by us is more acceptable to cats. Without dust, cats will not pollute the environment and cause harm to their own respiratory system when burying and digging soil. Good absorbency and condensation, fast mass and absorption of faeces and urine; high efficiency deodorization, adding special deodorization ingredients to ensure the environment is fresh and natural; clean, can be added repeatedly, Clean up thoroughly at least once a month.

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