How To Buy High Quality Bentonite Products?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

With the widespread use of bentonite, how to buy the best quality products has become one of the things most concerned about use. In the choice of products, we not only pay attention to its performance, but also pay attention to product manufacturers, after-sales service, the following we understand the choice of bentonite, bentonite products when we need to consider what are the factors?

First, you must understand that the vendor that purchased the product is formal. And see the bentonite product technical indicators, through the relevant production equipment testing of the quality of the product itself, to ensure product quality processes and product technology, and test the quality. Bentonite clay as the test is still more convenient. As a representative of the bond strength of clay, we can obviously measure its own bonding ability to determine the quality of its products.

The second is the type of bentonite. Nowadays, traditional bentonite can no longer meet people's demand for related industries. Because common bentonite tends to have poor viscosity, low expansion rate and low rate of slurry production, this kind of phenomenon can never occur in drilling mud. Therefore, the choice of bentonite must be more detailed understanding of its type is not sodium bentonite, bentonite are generally used to buy bentonite products are sodium, and ordinary bentonite you need to modify, sodium, the viscosity, the rate of vector, expansion Sex, thixotropy and other related indicators required before they can be used.

 In one is, you can understand the source of the product, how to find. Many users may think it should not be necessary, but very little information can be gained by understanding the product. (Specific can see my company's bentonite "bentonite identification method" related introduction)


The above is to summarize the choice of bentonite need to pay attention to the matter. In addition bentonite manufacturers tell you that bentonite is a multi-product of universal soil, good quality bentonite is made of high quality bentonite as raw material, through the selection, drying, grinding and a series of technologies to produce high quality products. Good products not only pure raw materials but also at the same time with a complete production equipment and quality testing equipment, strict performance requirements of the target production is qualified bentonite products. If you need bentonite, feel free to contact us.

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