How To Deal With Bleaching Sand When It Cannot Be Used Continuously

- Nov 23, 2018 -

Everyone knows that chemicals have a lot of their characteristics, so there will be a lot of small precautions when using them, so that the use of this product can achieve good results.

Refueling is carried out when the bleaching sand cannot be used any more (ie, the color of the oil that can no longer be discolored or pulled out is similar to the color of the crude oil). When refueling, raw materials less than one centimeter below the zui may be retained to prevent the decolorant from leaking, and this does not affect the use effect. When the bottom of the treatment tank is deactivated due to long-term use, the filter can be taken out and cleaned, and the bottom of the tank can be directly washed with water to release the sewage from the sewage valve.

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