How To Identify High Quality Bentonite

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Bentonite is a universal clay with many uses.After it is processed into a powder, it looks delicate and resembles flour. Put it in the water, or spit on it and then grind it by hand and you will find it lubricated and sticky.Sodium bentonite is a modified bentonite with good suspensibility. It is distinguishable in water. Identification of the naked eye, high-quality bentonite was pure white, usually gray or yellowish white, often due to water or impurities with light green, light green, rose red and other colors.It is still pure white, gray or yellowish white after it is air-dried.After breaking it by hand, its cross-section is not smooth, but also jelly-like. It also has grease luster, slippery feel.It absorbs water and swells, so it can be colloidal.If it is dry again, after its moisture loss, can become loose.

Bentonite adsorbs or absorbs various colors because of its strong ion exchange capacity. Mix it with grease to make the grease more slippery. Its fine powder is suspended in water, the dispersion is good, not easy to precipitate.

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