Keyway Industrial Limited Of Cat Litter Products Quality Standards

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Standard: test methods for testing quality


Color :white or light gray. Visual inspection


Smell: odor smell


Pulverization pulverization weigh less than 2% 20G bentonite cat litter samples, mount 10cmX15cm Ziplock bag, and raise the water level 50cm the sample bag dropped 10 times, 100 standard screening, weighing and calculation.


Particles specifications


0.8---3.8mm 20, 4mm sieve, 4mm oversize 5%; 20 mesh sieve under 10%. Circular particles.


350% weighing 50ml the volume rate of water absorption of bentonite cat litter sample, put in 150 standard sieve, together weighing M1, standard screen filled with cat litter to distilled water bowl, spray the cat litter 1mm, soak 5min, remove screen edge and excess water removed weighed M2. Water absorption rate = (M2-M1)/50 percent is the volumetric water absorption rate.


15cm caking intensity high dropped three times is not broken. 250ml beaker, 2/3 samples of bentonite cat litter was added, graduated cylinder measure 25ml 1% sodium chloride solution, upside down, into the beaker in the center of the litter samples, 5 seconds, immediately poured out, will try to block to 15cm free fall.


PH value of 9. 5 weighing 5.0g bentonite cat litter samples, installed in 50ml in the beaker, add distilled water 25ml, mixing 5min, using precision PH test strips to check.

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