Main Effects Of Montmorillonite Powder

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Main effects of montmorillonite powder

1 Dry skin and heat preservation

2 Make umbilical cords dry and fall off in quick.

3 Promote cub breast-fed

4 Montmorillonite can provide a buffer from germ-free environment to microorganisms

5 Reduce harmful gas such as ammonia and hepatic gas.It can avoid spoilage by drying amniotic fluid on the ground and body quickly.

6 Prevent intestinal disease

7 Anti-inflammatory

8 Prevent dam birth canal disease.

9 Activate animal immunity system and improve immunity.

10 Reduce stress reaction

Main Effect Of Cosmetic Areas

Montmorillonite plays a certain role in the absorption of fat and cleansing the face in cosmetics,Montmorillonite can effectively adsorb and remove skin residual makeup,dirt and residual oil,Montmorillonite plays a certain role in the removing the horny and skin surface of harmful bacteria, accelerating the separation of natural death cells, sensitivity,excessive pore, desalination and pigment,and whitening the skin, decontamination,detoxification,itching and so on in cosmetics.

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