Method Of Buying Bentonite

- Sep 15, 2017 -

For some customers exposed to bentonite, it's product information, technology applications, purchase methods are not very understanding, so in the purchase time, it is easy because of unfamiliar and chose the wrong bentonite, then how to choose their own Use bentonite? Here to introduce some of the relevant purchase method skills, we hope to help.

1. Select bentonite products to meet their own needs. Not necessarily expensive sticky high whiteness good bentonite is the best, this need to judge according to their own needs. In particular, engage in engineering can choose a good sticky products, do not necessarily require color products, do not have to choose expensive, only for business use is the best. When choosing bentonite-related products, be sure to choose the corresponding bentonite type and classification according to the materials you use and the fineness of the bentonite product.

2. In a look at the strength of the manufacturer of bentonite and the quality of the mud bentonite produced, it is best to have a professional after-sales team, choose a good bentonite product is tantamount to have a good technical support.

3. Can not covet a temporary cheap choice of poor quality bentonite products, to the end worth more harm than good, the late unnecessary costs may be higher than the price of the purchase of bentonite products. So be sure to refer to the manufacturer of bentonite related products production site to understand the process.

4. Professional after-sales team and professional technical support, so that if the bentonite product problems or the need to change the mud bentonite formula is very convenient.

5. Bentonite species classification, analysis of the quality of bentonite, montmorillonite content and the quality of gums, bentonite suspension performance effects, etc., so that the problem can not be ignored because any of these important indicators directly determine the quality of bentonite price.

6. Do not just take the size as the evaluation of bentonite manufacturers. Because a lot of big companies you choose to cooperate with it, not because a small bentonite enterprises feel small you will veto it; bentonite manufacturers but may be too broad, small but small but may be more refined bentonite products, and production experience more specialized one. In the choice of manufacturers, or to conduct a wide range of comparison, from the choice of services, products, prices are relatively better manufacturers.

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