Natural Bleaching Earth

- Sep 15, 2017 -

That is, natural output itself has bleaching performance of clay, is montmorillonite, albite, quartz as the main component of white, white gray clay, is a kind of bentonite.

Mainly after the decomposition of vitreous volcanic rock products, it does not swell after water absorption, the pH value of the suspension is weak acid and alkaline bentonite phase difference; its bleaching performance is worse than the activated clay. Colors are generally light yellow, green and white, gray, hugu color, brown, milk white, pink, blue and so on. Pure white little. Density 2.7-2.9 g / cm. The apparent density is often low due to the porosity. Chemical composition and ordinary clay almost, the main chemical composition is aluminum oxide, silica, water and a small amount of iron, magnesium, calcium and so on. No plasticity, a higher adsorption. Due to a large number of containing silicic acid, the elixis were acidic. Water is easy to crack, water content is very large. The fineness of the general fineness is higher.

In the exploration phase of quality evaluation, the need to determine the bleaching performance, acidity, filtration performance, oil absorption and other projects.

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