Some Applications Of Activated Bleaching Earth

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Model NO.: KCS-1060

Appearance: Powder Form or Granular Form

Decoloring Power: 165

Free Acid: 0.16%

Fineness(200mesh): 92.5%

Trademark: RCS

Origin: China

Color: White or Grey

Apply to: Oils Decoloring

Activity Degree: 210

Moisture: 9.6%

Character: Stable Quality

Specification: Tonsil

HS Code: 38029000

1. Activated Bleaching earth/Clay/Fuller's Earth/Bentonite/Adsorbent

2. Apply To: Oils Decoloring

3. Standard: Quality conforms Tonsil or Taiko

4. ISO9001 Certified Producer

5. Output: 80, 000 Metric tons per year

Key Way Industrial  Ltd is famous Chinese manufacturer of Activated Bleaching Earth (also known as Bleaching Clay or Activated Fuller's Earth).

Activated Bleaching Earth is a kind of decolouring agent used for refining of Oil. It is a high grade and high effcieney activated fuller's earth which is newly producted. It has all the advantages of the FILTROL in U. S. A, the TONSIL in Germany and the GALLEON in Japan. And the contents of heavy metal and arsenic meet the edible sanitation standards.

Output: 80, 000 metric tons per year. Packing: In 25 kgs per bag within waterproof lining.

Application of our Activated Bleaching Earth:

1. Refining of Vegetable/Edible oils like:

Coconut, Cottonseed, Soybean, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Mustard, Peanut, Corn, Olive, Ricebran, Palm, Palm-kernel, Linseed, Castor, Jajoba & Canola oils.

2 Refining of hydrogenated vanaspati ghee oils, Margarine & shortening.

3. Refining of Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil, lard oil.

4. Refining of Mineral Oils like:

Paraffins and waxes

Insulating oil

Rolling oil

White oil

Waste oil (lubricating oil)

Industrial triglycerides and fatty acids used for paints, varnishes and soaps.

5. Other applications like:

Solvents (for dry cleaning)

Bleaching of sulphur

Effluent treatment plants

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