The Consequences Of Not Changing Cat Litter In Time

- Nov 12, 2018 -

Cat litter is used by cats to bury the poop. If the cat owner does not pay attention to replacing cat litter or cleaning cat litter, then cat litter will smell bad for a long time, and there may be insects. Therefore, the cat owner should pay attention to clean the cat litter. Let's take a look at how to use the cat litter. Pay attention to what to choose.

1. Clean up the cat litter on time

When the cat defecates, it will be buried with cat litter, so that the cat litter will absorb the water in the feces and condense into a ball, so the cat owner should pay attention to timely scooping out the cat litter if it is less. The cat owner should add some cat litter to keep the litter of the cat litter. If the cat owner is busy and has no time to go to work, you can do it once in the morning and in the morning, clean the cat litter before going out in the morning, and clean the cat litter before going to bed at night.

2. Change the cat litter on time

Cat litter will become dirty after a long time of use, so cat owners should pay attention to regular replacement of cat litter on time. Generally, cats change after using cat litter for one month. If the cat owner is more clean, it can be replaced once every two months. Keep the cat litter clean so that the cat is happy when it is used, and the cat litter does not taste. The cat owner does not have to worry about having too much taste when cleaning. Also pay attention to the litter box when washing the cat litter.

3. Choose easy to clean cat litter

There are many types of cat litter. The cat owner can choose according to the specific situation of the cat or the cat owner. Some cats prefer some cat litter with a light taste. The cat owner should choose the cat litter. Pay attention to see more in this area, choose to cats like.

Cat litter needs to be cleaned every day, so cat owners can choose cat litter that is easy to clean when they choose. For example, if you want tofu cat litter, it is good in agglomeration, water absorption and deodorization. After that, it can be poured into the toilet. It is convenient, and there are still a lot of odors to choose from. There are a touch of green tea, cherry blossom, peach, etc. The cat owner can give the cat a try.

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