The Difference Between The Granular Clay And Activated Clay

- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. Production process:

activated clay is after acidification treatment bentonite products, and clay particles are activated clay as the main raw material, through scientific formula, chemical processing and become, appearance is not finalize the small particle, it has a higher specific surface area than activated clay and particle strength, stable performance, good selectivity, high adsorption ability, decrease the rate of the product with oil, easier to transport and use.


2. Physical properties:

particulate clay is granular structure, surface area is larger, more conducive to the adsorption filtration performance of the play, and activated clay is powder structure, surface area is lesser, but the specific surface area of activated clay than clay particles, adsorption clarification effect is better.


3. Purpose:

activated clay is mainly used in various oil and grease decoloring, increase the oil colour and lustre is beautiful and the safety of the storage, aromatic hydrocarbons and particulate clay is mainly used in petrochemical industry purification, aviation kerosene refining, also used in lubricating oil, base oil, diesel oil and other oil refining, removal of residual of olefins, colloid, asphalt, oil, alkaline nitrogen impurities, such as used more widely.



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