The Main Application Of Bentonite In Our Daily Life

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The use of bentonite is very long history, with the development of science and technology, in our daily life, the demand for bentonite is gradually increasing, because bentonite has a variety of good performance, and is a major mineral composition Non-metallic minerals, through people's development and research, found that there is a very big value in the real life there are too many aspects need to use it.

It is understood that bentonite is mainly used in the fields of petroleum, textile, food, water, transportation, metallurgy, electromechanical, chemical and papermaking, and is mainly used in the three major areas of drilling mud, casting and iron pellet, The use of. Bentonite can also be used in purifying agents, ceramics and wine, soap, detergents, cosmetics and so on, and in our lives will become more widely used. In recent years, in the foreign bentonite in other areas also have some research. Experiments have found that surface-treated bentonite can effectively remove oil and other organic matter from the water treatment system, but also with its weight of 50% of the organic matter, so that bentonite has a new application areas.

Bentonite involves a very wide area, and bentonite in agriculture and livestock industry has a very good development prospects. According to the experiment, it is proved that the addition of copper montmorillonite in feed can reduce the number of intestinal bacteria, change the composition of intestinal microflora and reduce the percentage of various bacteria. The amount of bentonite added to the feed is different and has a different effect. If the fish feed to add bentonite, then the fish will have a strong antibacterial activity, play an effective inhibition of intestinal pathogens proliferation, protect the intestinal mucosa from pathogenic bacteria invasion, so that the intestinal mucosa is more healthy, and also help Digestion of digestive enzymes and nutrient digestion of feed.

With the development of society and the progress of various technologies, it is recognized that the importance of bentonite for agriculture and animal husbandry is rich in resources, easy to develop, low cost, and more convenient in processing, On the application has a good development prospects.

Because bentonite has a very strong water absorption, water can hydrate, can make the original soil volume expansion, so it is the most traditional waterproof material. When the bentonite hydration, can be expanded in a limited space to form a gel, thus preventing the penetration of water, so long before the bentonite as a waterproof material in the building materials industry has a very good application.

In fact, bentonite can not only water swelling to form a gel, but also under the action of the expansion of the pressure, stickers of the gel will enter the cracks in the building, which play a very good seal waterproof, so now can To create a series of waterproof materials, such as bentonite waterproof board, cut-off wall, bentonite clay and bentonite water strips. For some other materials is difficult to cope with the occasion, the bentonite can play a very good role, its waterproof effect is very good, very suitable for road tunnels, subways and other structures that allow fine leakage.

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