Waste Oil Regeneration Can Not Be Separated From Activated Clay

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Recycled waste oil treatment methods, but no matter what kind of treatment are inseparable from a special adsorbent, namely activated clay, activated clay in the waste oil regeneration process has a tremendous role, and this effect is the other Similar adsorption unmatched.

Waste oil regeneration process consists of precipitation, distillation, pickling, activated clay purification of the four main processes, of which precipitation and distillation is relatively simple, and pickling and activated clay purification is relatively more complicated.

Precipitation is mainly to remove the waste oil in the water and the larger metal debris. Precipitation of natural precipitation and precipitation of two, the natural precipitation is poured into the container of waste oil, so that impurities by precipitation slowly settling down to the bottom. Precipitation should generally be carried out in an environment of about 15 ℃, the precipitation time is generally 5-15 days; heating precipitation is steam heated waste oil, so that it reaches 60-80 ℃ and then precipitation, precipitation time is 24-48 hours.

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