What Is Montmorillonite?

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Montmorillonite, also known as microcrystalline kaolinite or gelatin stone, is a kind of aluminosilicate, the main component of octahedral montmorillonite particles, because it was first discovered in France, Montessori and named. As long as antidote drugs non-prescription drugs. Clinical application for adults and children with acute and chronic diarrhea.

China's montmorillonite products on the definition of non-uniform, often caused by montmorillonite product ambiguity. There are two definitions of montmorillonite products, one is the definition of montmorillonite products in the nonmetallic industry: montmorillonite in clay minerals is more than 80%, which is called montmorillonite, such as montmorillonite desiccant, etc. Product content and more with the amount of blue and other methods qualitative and quantitative, taste nothing more than high purity bentonite only, montmorillonite is bentonite a major role in the composition, but the bentonite is not montmorillonite, montmorillonite is not bentonite, But montmorillonite is required from the purification of bentonite obtained; the other is the pharmaceutical and other industries on the requirements of montmorillonite products, which is the true sense of the montmorillonite, the concept of scientific research close to the field of montmorillonite Of the definition of its product content using XRD and other methods qualitative and quantitative. In order to distinguish the montmorillonite products from the nonmetallic industry, octahedral montmorillonite or hexagonal montmorillonite is often used at home and abroad.

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